Will Smith clearly insane; turns down Independence Day 2


After months and months of back-and-forward negotiations, and seemingly countless umm’s and ahhh’s from The Fresh Prince, Will Smith has opted not to take part in Fox’s “Independence Day” sequel.

Directors Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin had been chasing Smith to reprise his role in the sequel to the 1996 hit – but knew he’d be a hard catch, having seen him go from up-and-comer to mega-star since the release of the first film. As a precaution, in case he did ultimately knock back their offer to rejoin original co-stars Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum for the new film, the filmmakers wrote two versions of “Independence Day 2” – one that featured Smith’s character, and one that didn’t.

According to Deadline, Smith has officially passed on the offer to come back and kick E.T’s ass again. The filmmakers may still try and entice Smith, but he’s pretty much convinced that a sequel to, um, the biggest movie of his career isn’t a good thing for him right now. With all the other great stuff going on for Smith, like that horrible Scientology-ad that M.Night Shyamalan directed, and that con-man movie “Focus”, not to mention the sequels to “Hancock” (what the f*ck!?) and “Bad Boys” he’s sniffing out, he clearly knows what he’s doing. Right.

Fox, maybe have Margot Robbie turn up to Smith’s apartment in a barely-there thong, covered in whipped cream? That might work.