Which LEGO movie will Warner Bros do next?


With their contract with the toy magnate stipulating they can only make one “LEGO Movie” sequel (maybe that’s LEGO’s way of protecting their brand from shitty threequels and fourthquels!?), Warner Bros are wrestling over whether they push forward now with a sequel to their $200 million dollar grosser, or leave it until later – doing a “LEGO Ninjago” movie first.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warners only had until November of 2013 to excise their option on a “LEGO Ninjago” movie, but the company agreed to extend WB’s option for a while longer. Now that they’re convinced there’s a lot of potential, not to mention green to be made from bigscreen “LEGO” ventures, WB are definitely doing a “Ninjago” movie.

So,the only question to now answer is, which one to do first?

“Ninjago”, though assumingly more of an adventure movie than (as was the case with “The LEGO Movie”) a comedy, would seem to have as much going for it as the current LEGO movie – for starters, much of the same creative team are involved, including the “LEGO Movie” directors , who’ll produce. At the same time, and as the trade states, “Ninjago” mightn’t have the crossover appeal of “The LEGO Movie”, because it’s seemingly aimed at young boys.

Says the trade, “Adding a Ninjago film to its slate would be an important move for Warners because the studio only has rights to one Lego Movie sequel. Sources say the toy giant and the producers are free to take the property to another studio for any subsequent Lego Movie outings. But Lin and Lee, who have their first-look deals at Warners, are expected to remain at the studio if the Lego Movie franchise extends beyond a second chapter. Expanding the Lego universe with Ninjago would only strengthen the Warners relationship.”

“Featuring ninjas, dragons and mystical snakes, the popular Ninjago toy line already has spawned the hit Cartoon Network series Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, written by Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman, brothers who received “story by” credit on Lego Movie and would be involved in the sequel. The Hagemans also have written a draft script for Ninjago. “The success of The Lego Movie is great, but it’s also a burden and a curse,” says Dan Hageman. “It set the bar really high for the franchise.””