Are we officially heisting? Teller, Jordan reunite for Gormican’s next


Miles Teller and Michael B.Jordan, two of the stars of the ensemble comedy “That Awkward Moment”, look to reunite on a new “Ocean’s Eleven”-style heist thriller from Warner Bros.

The movie is being helmed by “Awkward Moment” writer/director Tom Gormican, who assumingly liked working with Teller and Jordan so much (but not Efron!?) he recruited them for his next project.

The Wrap, that dropped the news, doesn’t know any specifics about the plot, other than the film is said to take place in Macau, China.

Although only a rumour at this stage, reports have suggested Teller and Jordan are also leading candidates for FOX’s “Fantastic Four” reboot. Should they get the Mr. Fantastic and Johnny Storm roles in it, the superhero project would mark the twosome’s third film together.