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Way to spoil Captain America : The Winter Soldier, TV Spot!

Don’t click if you’re not a fan of the idea of Pauly Shore playing a super-villain!

I sensed (since I’m Spider-Man and all – shit, secret’s out. The Bugle were cutting back on freelancers, so I volunteered to write stories here) this was gonna happen in the new “Captain America” movie… and like a shot of a hurtling Mary Jane crashing to her demise in a Sony tent pole, this all but confirms it. Not saying what. Not saying who. Not saying Candyman three times. If you’re the type that likes to rummage through mama’s cupboard on Christmas eve, unable to wait a day to open your pressies, then by all means watch the new TV spot for “Captain America : The Winter Soldier”.

Now bend-over so I can spank you for ruining the surprise!

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