Jamie Lee Curtis starring in new medical drama for CBS


Jamie Lee Curtis will star in a new series for CBS – wait, wasn’t she going to do a horror series for ABC Family at one stage!? Guess that’s fallen by the wayside – and David Marshall Grant.

According to Deadline, the untitled medical drama will star Curtis (“Halloween”, “Veronica Mars”) as a quadruplet who grew up on a reality TV series.

The soapy medical show, based on an Israeli format, revolves around quadruplets – three brothers and a sister – who grew up on a reality show. Curtis will play Caroline, the quadruplets’ mother, a dynamic and distinguished physician who now runs the Hospital.

Curtis, who hasn’t been a regular on a series since 1999’s “Anything But Love”, recently guested on CBS’s “NCIS”.

In March, the actress appears in the “Veronica Mars” movie.