Debra Winger returns… to join a Boychoir!


Debra Winger, the ’80s icon who effortlessly drew tears from our pupils on numerous occasions through “Terms of Endearment” (and, to a lesser extent, “An Officer and a Gentleman”), seems intent on getting her mug back on screen. She’s obviously missed the game, and the game has missed her.

The actress (who, you may not know, also provided some of the vocals for E.T – the Spielberg movie, not the Katy Perry song), has joined the cast of ”Red Violin” director Francois Girard’s indie drama “Boychoir”.

Some great thesps have been rounded up for the film, the story of a troubled 12-year-old Texas boy who ends up at an East Coast boychoir school, including Dustin Hoffman, Eddie Izzard, Josh Lucas and “Glee” star Kevin McHale.

Deadline, who broke the casting news, says :

Newcomer Garrett Wareing plays the angry young boy who is completely out of his element in the new school and finds himself in a battle of wills with a demanding choir master Carvelle (Hoffman) who recognizes a unique talent in the kid and pushes him. Lucas will play the boy’s estranged father, with McHale as a young music teacher who champions the kid. Winger will play the principal at the boy’s Texas school, and Izzard is a teacher at the new school who is Carvelle’s right-hand. (Alfred Molina originally was set to play the role but withdrew because of scheduling conflicts.) Joe West and River Alexander also star as fellow choristers, and Kathy Bates has a supporting role as the school’s headmistress.

Ben Ripley wrote the script for the pic.