Bradley Cooper keeps making American movies

Bradley Cooper

(Well, he was just in “American Hustle” and he has that “American Sniper” coming out too… know what I mean?).

Bradley Cooper will produce and possibly star in what’s perhaps going to be a series of films based on Ben Sanders’ Marshall Grade novels.

Warner Bros closed a deal with writer Sanders on Friday night for “American Blood”, a 50 page proposal for the first of what is said to be a series of stories revolving around the Grade character.

Says Deadline :

This is the first of what is planned as a series of novels about Marshall Grade, an undercover NYPD officer turned mob informant. While living in the witness protection program in New Mexico, he is pulled into a dangerous investigation, which causes his past in New York to get wind of his whereabouts. The hope is for Cooper to play Grade. It’s another high profile project for the film shingle run by Cooper, who’s up for an Oscar for his portrayal as the perm-sporting FBI agent in American Hustle.

Cooper, who is producing “American Blood”, is also onboard the similarly-titled “American Sniper” from director Clint Eastwood.