10 Classic Oscar Moments from the ’80s


Ah, the ’80s – only then could we’ve been treated to an Academy Awards that combined Chevy Chase, RoboCop and John Wayne (and Drew Barrymore walking down the red carpet with Corey Feldman, pictured above).

The Reagan-era ‘Academy Awards’ were definitely a different beast to what they’ve become today; back then, they were funnier, more spontaneous, and though they’ve always been slightly political and squeaky-clean, the machine wasn’t as well-greased back then – in a good way.

Here are 10 fun, classic, or memorable moments from the Academy Awards back when Charlie Sheen was a movie star.

1. Chevy Chase hosting the Oscars in 1987. Ouch!

2. Ray Parker Jr performing “Ghostbusters” at the Oscars; did the producers even watch the movie before choreographing this sequence!?

3. Paul Hogan goes “off the boil” at the Oscars.

4. Beautiful moment when Dustin Hoffman won Best Actor for “Rainman”.

5. Michael Douglas winning Best Actor for his first go-round as Gordon Gecko in “Wall Street”.

6. Jessica Tandy winning Best Actress for “Driving Miss Daisy”; she was the oldest Oscar Winner.

7. There are no words for this one.

8. Bewdfiful stuff.

9. Anyone else disappointed Eddie didn’t end up hosting the Oscars a couple of years ago?

10. Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise announce Jodie Foster as Best Actress for “The Accused”.