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Steven Spielberg wants to remake West Side Story?

The filmmaker has only ever directed one remake, 2005’s “War of the Worlds”

Not that it means much, considering his IMDB page is longer than Ron Jeremy, but Steven Spielberg’s said to be interested in bringing “West Side Story” back to the ‘plex.

Deadline says Fox have reserved the movie for the beard.

The original film, winner of some 10 Academy Awards, was based on a play – but ask anyone, they’ll assume it was celluloid before theater fodder. In other words, that 1961 flick is considered so much a classic, that the picketers are likely sharpening their wooden instruments for a Spielberg-lunge already.

But Spielberg’s flirted with remaking quite a few classics throughout his career. Yet despite his attempts to remake classics like “Harvey”, “Rebecca” and “The Grapes of Wrath”, he’s only ever directed own redo – “War of the Worlds”. Long story short : This likely won’t ever get beyond a Deadline story.

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