Lionsgate exists for Bigfoot movie


Lionsgate has acquired the North American distribution rights to Bigfoot horror flick “Exists”, the latest from “Blair Witch Project” director Eduardo Sánchez.

The film, which premiered at SXSW to a sold out mid-night screening, follows a group of five friends who struggle to survive against the monster during a camping trip in the remote woods of Texas.

“Exists” stars Chris Osborn, Dora Madison Burge, Roger Edwards, Samuel Davis, Denise Williamson and Brian Steele.

The script was penned by Jamie Nash and Bigfoot was designed by Spectral Motion.

Sanchez commented, “I’m really excited about working with the talented team at Lionsgate. We’ve had great history together and they really understand ‘Exists’ and see the tremendous opportunity to reboot Bigfoot for a new generation.”