Kevin Bacon talks Mclean’s 6 Miranda Dve


Couple of weeks back, a deal solidified between Blumhouse Productions, Footloose Kevin Bacon and Australia’s Greg ‘Wolf Creek’ Mclean on “6 Miranda Drv”, a micro budget fright-fest about a spirit that tags along with a vacationing family on their way back from Nevada (One can only hope a critic compares it as a ‘cross between National Lampoon’s Vacation and A Nightmare on Elm Street’- that needs to be on a poster!). Bacon and Radha Mitchell would play the parents.

In Texas to promote his TV show “The Following” (which, sad to say, mightn’t be too long for the world – if those season 2 ratings are anything to go by), star Kevin Bacon told Deadline what appealed to him about working on the modestly-budgeted scary movie, and what he thinks of Aussie Mclean.

”I reached out to Jason Blum quite a few years ago because I really liked what he was doing”, Bacon says of the “Paranormal Activity” and “Sinister” producer. “People are sometimes dismissive of genre. But I think he’s got a really good take on who the good filmmakers are in this world. That combined with the idea of, “Let’s see what happens if we’re not completely bogged down up front with a giant budget. Take something and make it contained, make it interesting and scary and see what happens.” I was in the first Friday The 13th and that was a microbudget horror film. The microbudgets were probably bigger then than they are now!”

“But Greg McLean is great – Wolf Creek is a f***ing terrifying movie. I’ve seen Wolf Creek 2 which is right now like the #1 movie in Australia, and it’s even better than the first. It’s interesting and he’s a great shooter. 6 Miranda Drive is a movie that’s emotional; I read it and thought, if this came to me and it wasn’t a horror movie but a low-budget drama, I would think about doing it anyway. It’s a really interesting story the perfect American family that is kind of falling apart. To me it’s like a really scary Ordinary People. The greats are The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, Don’t Look Now, The Exorcist – those movies were not really slashers, they were about psychological terror and had very deep emotional backdrops. If we do our best, 6 Miranda Drive can be that kind of a movie.”

Okay, ‘Ordinary People meets The Shining’ – that’ll work too!