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True Detective creator talks season 2!

The next season will feature a new cast, new characters but similar themes

While we still won’t divulge too much, “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolato is willing to divulge a couple of things about where the show is headed – as it enters its second season.
Though the next batch of episodes will fix on new characters and likely feature a new cast (with Matthew McConaughey confirming at last week’s Academy Awards that he and Woody Harrelson aren’t involved in the next season), some of the more popular themes of the first season will make a reprise.

Shortly after Sunday’s broadcast premiere of the season one finale- whatcha think, y’all? did you guess as much? did it leave you – excuse the pun – scarred? – Pizzolato told HitFix a few what’s and where’s relating to the next season of the HBO drama.

“This is really early, but I’ll tell you [it’s about] hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.”

And assumingly, there’ll be a case needing solving involving the hard lasses, evil blokes and occult history of the transportation system. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be another murder mystery, though; Pizzolta has stated before that the title ‘True Detective’ can lend itself to anything- I guess anything that’s puzzle has a piece that needs relocating and fixing back into place.

One element of the first season that Pizzolta said will likely be brought back for the second season are some of those kookier, almost supernatural-hinting moments from the first season. It’s those “Twin Peaks”-like moments that audiences seemed to go for, he says.

“[The reaction to season one] has informed exactly one thing. It’s that I realize I need to keep being strange. Don’t play the next one straight.”

While HBO hasn’t officially announced a season, the fact that the “True Detective” finale ‘broke’ HBO GO this weekend – because of the amount of requests coming in from those wanting to stream it – suggests it’s definitely on their roster for 2015. One suspects they’re going to wait until they’ve got their ‘big names’ for the second season, before announcing the new season.

(on a side note : Pizzolato has retained the rights to Harrelson and McConaughey’s Hart and Cohle characters, so there is a chance – even if it’s in the form of a novel, or something – we might see them again one day).

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