New shortlist of prospective male leads for Star Wars


Just hurry up and pick somebody, already!

The scouring for young, fit males who’d fancy a trip to Tatooine continues. Latest shortlist consisting of prospective candidates for JJ Abrams’ “Star Wars Episode VII” are, according to Variety, John Boyega (“Attack the Block”), Ed Speleers (“Downton Abbey”), Ray Fisher, Matthew James Thomas and oft-mooted Jesse Plemons (“Friday Night Lights”).

Plemons’ name keeps coming up again and again, so I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t end up being thrown a rope from Luke to swing across the Death Star’s guts from.

Besides appearances from the original three (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher) the only good-as-locked cast-member for the 2015 blockbuster is Adam Driver, who was recently announced as the film’s rogue.