‘Blackout’ is coming to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


Patrick Brennan (“Twilight”) is set to play bad-guy Blackout in an upcoming episode of ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”.

Brennan will play Marcus Daniels, known as Blackout in the original Marvel comics, in the eighteenth ep titled “Providence”, reported Marvel.com. He will then have a larger role in the following episode.

“Providence” will see Marcus Daniels come to live-action TV for the first time, with his power differing from that of his comic book counterpart. TV Daniels will have the ability to suck the energy out of anything around him.

We will also see him fall for a cello player played by Amy Acker.

“It’s just rare to have a character that’s [this] interesting. There’s just something to it,” Brennan told Marvel.com. “Not to sound all actor-y on you, but I identified with the character… I got to play a villain with a heart and superpowers. It was just a thrill.”