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Peters to star in Benyon’s Woman Who Came to Dinner

Shooting in London this month and is due for release later in the year

“The Woman Who Came To Dinner”. Starring Aussie actress Angela Peters, from Channel Seven’s series ‘Queensland’s Best Living’, Angela plays the role of a mysterious woman, Catherine, who goes to dinner with Paul, the quiet unassuming type played by Andrew Hillier. Unbeknownst to him, the evening is not going to be everything he expected.

A word from the Director, Jamie Benyon:

‘“The Woman Who Came To Dinner” is a film that grew out of impulse. Upon completing University I was eager to write and direct my first feature film. As all filmmakers will tell you, the story is the most integral part of any successful film. But due to my budget limitations, I had to write the script based around the concept of two people in one location. After numerous concepts, the most realistic situation that I could think off where two people sit with each for a couple hours would be a dinner date. What also interested me, is that we introduce these characters to the audience if no information, then they will be forced to engage in our characters and story. The production of this film has taught me more about filmmaking and about myself than any Film School or University course. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with such amazing and dedicated actors.’

Shooting in London this month and is due for release later in the year. It is not the typical London film, but instead promises to challenge the audience to view an average household conversation a little differently.

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