Moviehole Mailbag – April 3, 2014


Welcome to the first new Mailbag in.. well, quite some time.

Obviously I lost someone – well, we all did – very important to me a couple of months ago, and it’s been hard to get back on the horse and yee-haw, but the mail has been piling up, so I thought I best answer some of these before I look like a giant paper cut. So let’s give it a go!

A lot of these emails came in weeks and weeks ago, shortly after Liv’s death; others are more recent.

We welcome your letters at clint (at) or at our Facebook inbox.

Clint, you and Liv were so tight. So sorry, Clint.  Remember that special friendship. – Leanne

Thanks. This is a text message she sent me once, and it was spot-on – because she was. “I’m going to appreciate and adore you until my dying day. Friends till the end” – Olivia Marne, December 2012

Clint, I just wanted to say how very, very sorry I am. I know you and Olivia had a lot to do with each other – in both work and life – and can only imagine how hard it is getting use to her not being around now. Know how much we loved her contributions!- Stephen

Thanks, Stephen.

Very sorry to hear about Liv; she was as stunning as she was talented. – Anne

A light definitely went out at Moviehole in January. Thanks Anne.

I don’t know what to say in cases like this, but very sorry to hear that Olivia has passed away – and under such tragic circumstances – Richard.

Richard, appreciate it.  Please take care when hiking out there, everybody.

We loved Olivia on Moviehole. I’m so sad she’s gone – Balak28

Balak28, Thanks for this. She enjoyed working here immensely.

My condolences on the loss of Olivia Marne. She was one of the best. I got to know her very well when she was running the website. I am still in shock how she died – Leesa

Leesa, I don’t think we’ll ever truly get over the circumstances in which we lost her.

Clint, if you need anything – know that you have many fans and followers that are happy to lend an ear! – Bryce

That means a lot. Thanks, Sir!

As if you haven’t had a hard enough couple of years already, now you lose Olivia. Clint, so sorry! – Andrew

Appreciate it, Andrew.

Hey Clint, condolences on the loss. How did you and Liv originally meet? I knew she worked for Moviehole, but when did you first cross paths?

Thanks.  Here’s a piece I wrote on how we met :

Olivia and I worked for a  magazine together; we were there for years. At the time, we were a couple of carefree freelance writers that, given the times, didn’t have much of a choice in what or where we worked. We were more colleagues, than friends, but we had similar goals – to one day run the magazines we had slave worked for.  Having spent so many years contributing to magazines, and having observed some of the non-existent management skills of our superiors,  the “one day…” conversation started to become a frequent topic of our monthly meet-ups.
Then, that one day come.  Having sold overseas territories on a film, and having just Jerry Maguire-d myself out of a big publishing company job (I took a stand, left with a fishbowl – and soon, a Dorothy Boyd!), it was time to put the “one day…” plan into action. And I knew the people I needed to help bring that dream to life.
Olivia was the team moral we were going to need. One thing I quickly learnt about her was her ability to work fast and effectively (turning material in – and perfectly – before most of us had even had time to warm up our computers), think on-her-feet, and pump everyone up. It didn’t matter where she was she’d convince herself, and others, that it was important we all did our best work…  because it was all leading somewhere.

I had kept the idea of October Coast quiet during February  -because it was intended to be a birthday surprise for a friend  – but things sped up quickly in March.
In early March 2012, I met up with Olivia – I remember she had to drive from the other side of Melbourne, but she insisted she come to me because she ‘liked driving’ – at a food court at the Eastland Shopping Centre,  where I presented her with a pretty exhaustive business plan and laid out what I believed would be a pretty staggering 12 months .  She lit up. This was her dream – to do her own thing, work for herself, and become someone.
Over a Skype conversation that night – half of it was me fishing for ideas for what to buy someone for her birthday, the other half was about the venture – I told her about some others I’d hoped would join the 3 of us on this new venture, as well as getting some ideas flowing. All I remember was her constant “I can’t believe this”.. “I can’t believe you’d pick me?”… “I can’t believe you think I’m valuable”..
To that point, Liv had said she had considered herself a “write-off” and would be stuck doing writing courses, and working for catalogs for the rest of her life.
“You’re going to save me!”, she said

Within six months, I noticed some real changes in Olivia. She always had confidence, but now she had something else – the kind of infectious commanding, leadership qualities that a venture like ours needed. And she was so confident that everything would work out – she was always convinced of the best possible outcome for everything and everyone – but mainly, she got to go to Comic-Con in San Diego – – her dream for years!

And when I got sick, she took over Moviehole. She also did a lot to take care of me at the time. She was just always there.

Just before Christmas, Liv went to a high-school reunion (must have been 5 years) where she returned with a huge smile on her face.
“Finally! I one-upped those bitches from school!”, she said. “I went in there and said ‘Oh, I’m running my own company in Hollywood. ”
Their jaws dropped, apparently. She had waited a number of years to get back at some mean girls from school (who use to tease Liv for spending her lunch times with a book, writing poems and stories, while they would whoring themselves out and ignoring their homework) and now they suddenly wanted to know her. But, she faked a phone call, and walked away from them – over to see some of the other kids who had given her the time of day in high school.

I smile when I think of that story, because it’s one we can all relate to.

Clint, I was near tears when I heard Olivia, who I knew via her work there, had passed. She seemed like such a happy girl! – Ben

As I wrote not long ago in a private email among friends, Liv died a very happy girl. In her eyes, she was successful, content, and life had worked out just the way she dreamed it would.
She was a big believer in “making the right decisions” and “doing what will make your [future] kids proud”.
‘Life is way too short,  we only have one shot at this’,  I remember her saying.
And she was big on not wasting whatever time we had here on people that didn’t deserve or appreciate us.

She was very much about only spending your life, and investing in those that appreciate what you do, are thankful, and value you.

As I wrote in her funeral notes, “Liv, I just asked myself the questions : Did Liv appreciate you? Did she value you? Has she seemed truly appreciative or thankful? and I answered Yes, straight away. My heart tells me it’s true.”
“But Liv, I want you to know that you did as much for me as I did for you. You were always there. You’d come running if I needed anyone. You encouraged me. Supported me. You got me to believe in myself. But mostly… you saved me. I will appreciate it, love it, and make sure I continue to make you as proud as you said you were of me.”

Clint, hope you’re doing alright with Olivia’s death.  What I suggest is sleep, good food, and relaxation. – Michelle

Do you deliver?

Anything on the new “Point Break” remake, Clint?  – Jonathan

Hello. Gerard Butler arrived in Australia last week for it, the remake. But I have some details on the plot of the film here.

Know that you were so great to that girl – she always seemed so happy when I saw her! – Toni

Yeah, she loved her life. Thanks for always saying hi!

Do you think David Gordon Green’s “Little House on the Prairie” movie will ever happen, guys? –  Jess218

Hey Jess, casting has actually just started for the movie – so it’s definitely happening. Paging Melissa Gilbert!

mail bag do u think they will shoot the robocop sequels back to back like they did with the iron man trilogy do u think they will do that maybe – Holden

I don’t know they will even do a Robo-sequel, Holden. Only my mother calls me by first time name ‘Mailbag’.

mailbag if the veronica mars film becomes a big hit do u think they shoot the sequels back to back u think that would be so awsome tho if they did that tho of the franchise – Holden

That’s an idea worth Kickstarting!

but u think tho that robcop will shoot the sequels back to back tho that would be awsome mailbag – Holden

Things could’ve changed between your first question and the third, I’ll check!

I hear things are kicking butt at your company, Clint – your name is everywhere; you even have a Wiki page! – Nath

Yep, me and Snookie. In good company.

mailbag is there going to be a road rovers film that based on the old hanna barbra cartoon is it possbile they make it into a live action film with motion capture which i think that would be awsome idea tho wish warner bros can do that film to the bigscreen of a remake – Holden

Yes. I believe the answer is Yes!

and why not redo mask rider that was based on the saban tvshow why not make that come to the bigscreen tho that would be so cool tho – Holden

So cool. I make it come.

and the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie is going to rock this summer i can’t wait to see this film this summer its going to rock – Holden

It’s going to rock like a ghastly-nosed Turtle. Yup.

i vote yes for a robocop sequel indeed of part 2 i would want to pay money to go see another one tho it would be worth it tho that would be toally awsome man make a top number 1 film of all time tho with the same cast thats what people would want to see in a robocop sequel tho to me thats some worth watching tho mailbag – Holden

Toally awsome!

mailbag hey clint whats going on with the alf project live action film they he will be done up in a cgi which will look really cool tho when are they going get started on it i hope soon is paul fusco going return as the voice of alf tho i heard about this news 2 years ago i was just wondering about it write back and paul fusco is going produce it too of the new movie also just let me know – Holden

Maybe when they make the ALF movie, I’ll actually sleep again! Bloody insomnia!

mailbag i hope jose returns to make robocop 2 i think hes a brilliant director and i think it would be awsome if can directed 2 and 3 he does one amazing job the first film so i hope he makes part 2 to direct the film himself he capture the story really well of it and i vote yes he should do it again – Holden

Personally, I think he’s awsum.

hey movie hole i turn 28 today just thought i would let all u guys know my good friends from movie hole thanks holden – Holden

Awsom! We’re having a “Dukes of Hazzard” Birthday cake for you, Sir!

i love it of the veronica mars film its going to rock for sure yahoooo awsomenesss now lets hope for 2 more sequels now that would be nice tho write back k i,m excited about this movie tho – Holden

I saw it a few weeks ago, and my first words afterwards were “yahoooo awesomeness!” I kid you not!

i vote for terminator geneis to be pg-13 i think that would be awsome mail bag holden – Holden

If PG13 worked for Die Hard with a Colostomy Bag, it can work for T5. Awsum.

is the muppets 3 in the works i hope that would be so cool write back holden – Holden

I heard a rumour there’s a shortage on Felt and string.

hey u guys i have good news veronica mars the movie comes out may 6, on dvd just thought i would let u guys know write back k i thought i would give u that info okay write back holden thanks – Holden

Writing back right now. Okay,…. and finished.

hey u guys the turtles movie looks so awsome i think it will turn out really good tho its going rock this summer so yeah it will be cool of the new teenage mutant ninja turtles new movie it looks so neat the way it looks tho so yeah rock on turtles to all at movie hole write back holden – Holden

I heard it’s going to rock.

hey that sounds great meryl streep in the flash movie that sounds really cool u guys write back i would like to see that for sure on the big screen tho write back holden that would be awsome to see her in the dc comic book film holden – Holden

Only it’s not the ‘Flash’ movie you think it is, Holden. But she is still playing She-Hulk, so that’s something!

Clint, never forget how much you changed my daughter’s life – you saved my baby. You gave her purpose, you gave her meaning, you gave a smile, and you gave her all of you. She’s looking down from above, feeling very proud of you – and always will. Hope the website she loved so much is going well, darling! Keep it up!- Janet.

Thank you, Livvy’s mum. :<