VOD Views – April 14, 2014


If you weren’t watching last January, the annual consumer electronics confab CES contained an interesting announcement from Sony. Still without an official name, the company is launching a streaming TV service – not dissimilar than Netflix or Hulu.

They also talked up PlayStation Now, a streaming service that’s going to deliver games from the entire PlayStation back catalogue to your console, mobile and more.

Another streaming TV service isn’t really news, and anyone with an iPhone has a bit of experience with streaming games, but taken together they represent something worth mentioning.

Coming from such a big company who’s throwing what must be truckloads of development money behind it, VOD media in general is becoming a thing. Digital delivery of movies and TV are pretty entrenched in our consumption culture (thanks to music paving the way), but throw in games and maybe a few other kinds of media in the future and we live in a truly digitally streamed world. No matter what you want to play, watch or listen to, how old or new it is and what kind of machine you hold in your hand or have on your desk/in the living room, it will be available.

Streaming now through iTunes, the brooding remake of Ozploitation classic Patrick, starring Aussie thesps Shari Vinson and Rachel Griffiths and given a strong dramatic pedigree by Brit Charles Dance.


If were a fan of Gina Carano in Steven Soderbergh’s action drama Haywire, you can see her do her stuff again as a wife searching for her kidnapped husband in In the Blood.


See Steve Coogan in the movie version of the role that made him a comic star, Alan Partridge.


And don’t miss the cool little horror flick Afflicted. As we explained in your recent review (http://moviehole.net/201474982afflicted), you might be sick of found footage movies, but give it a chance. Afflicted is a very fresh and earnest take on a very old idea.