Samuel L.Jackson returning for next Die Hard?


Samuel L.Jackson may be back for the next “Die Hard”, Latino Review’s El Mayime tweeted this afternoon.

Jackson’s Zeus Carver was seen in 1995’s “Die Hard : With a Vengeance” but – like quite a few other friends and family of John McClane – wasn’t seen or heard of again. Bruce Willis’s heroic NYC cop had his daughter and son, respectively, playing sidekick in the previous two films in the series, “Live Free or Die Hard” and “A Good Day to Die Hard”.

“Die Hard 6” would reunite Jackson with Bruce Willis who, aside from the third “Die Hard”, he has worked alongside in “Pulp Fiction” and “Unbreakable”.

Rumors circulated last year that a spec script called “Die Hardest” – by British writer Ben Trebilcook – had been submitted to Bruce Willis for consideration, and it had featured the character of Zeus Carver.