Check out The Simpsons in LEGO form!


Check this out, Lego is making “Simpsons” figurines.
To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products have teamed with Lego to create the 16 minifigures modelling the show’s characters.
“The Simpsons” will also air a Lego themed ep, “Brick Like Me”, on May 4, which the producer said took two years to develop. It will be the show’s 550th episode and will see Homer wake up in a world in which everything is made of Lego.
The Lego figures will go on sale on May 1 and each character will cost $3.99. A Lego version of the Simposons’ house will cost $255.
Check out the Lego characters below along with a couple of stills from “Brick Like Me”.