Watch Gareth’s Godzilla right here!


A ‘Meet the Director’ vid has hit the web in which “Godzilla” helmer Gareth Edwards discusses his take on the film.
Turns out, he’s taking it very seriously indeed.
In the video titled “Gareth’s Godzilla”, the director discusses the analogical origins of the 1954 “Godzilla”, sci-fi as his passion and his background in computer graphics.
The director spoke of the creative team’s drive to make a film that treats the sci-fi genre genuinely and that pays tribute to the original film’s sense of consequence.
“In terms of doing Godzilla it was just like let’s take it seriously, let’s make the most realistic thing we can,” Edwards comments in the clip.
He also spoke of getting the graphics of the film right, commenting that “in this day and age it’s very easy to get seduced by the visual effects.”
“It’s one big visual foreplay I think in terms of the movie, in terms of trying to give the audience goosbumps when they watch this stuff.”

“Godzilla” will hit cinemas on May 16.