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Doc McStuffins : Mobile Clinic

Doc McStuffins : Mobile Clinic

Your pet’s favorite doc is in the house!

(or the DVD machine, as will likely be more the case once your kids get wind of what’s in the plastic cover sitting on the coffee table there).

This new release features five episodes from the popular afternoon toon series “Doc McStuffins” – she’s the young medical practitioner who can effortlessly save any animal, critter, amphibian, bird or whatnot – with adventures-in-tow involving a wind-up mouse that needs to be straightened out (so he can spin again) and Daisy’s run-in with a tree. Doc zips around in her trusty mobile doc-shop – or ‘clinic’, as per the title of the release – finding, fixing and consequently sending her fluffy/feathered/frantic friends on their way.

DVD : The episodes on the disc come from seasons 1 and 2 of the show. No extras to speak of.

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