The Jungle Book 2


“Sequels are never as good”, says my 6-year old daughter.

Right you are, dear. So I’ll spare you of “Jungle Book 2”.

Perfectly OK, but essentially just a rehash of the original without the joy, stupendous songs, or emotional beats that had us dropping watery eye-output into our popcorn container first-time around, the direct-to-disc sequel sees Mowgli returning to the Jungle to visit his friend Balloo. As one might have guessed, Balloo’s old nemesis Shere Khan has been anxiously looking forward to the day the little adventurer swung back into their green terrain.

John Goodman is aptly cast as Balloo.

Blu-ray/DVD : The combo-pack offers very little in the way of extra features (deleted scenes, brief featurette, music track) but the video and audio presentation is a treat, with colours looking lush, detailed and popping with vibrancy. Though the soundtrack doesn’t pop like the original film did, the audio on the disc is equally as terrific.