Adam Rifkin’s got new Peeps


Moviehole mate Adam Rifkin (“Look”, “Homo Erectus”, “The Chase”) has optioned the film and television rights to the classic Easter candy Peeps.

, who win the ‘first’ ribbon for this one, say Rifkin came up with the idea of turning the marshmallow-centered treats into stars of the small and big screen after watching his niece and nephew construct their own Peeps diorama for a school project. Rifkin would later discover that the country is truly obsessed with Peeps and, in particular, using them to make dioramas.

Rifkin’s film pitch is said to be a “Lego movie”-esque family movie set before the night of a Peeps diorama contest “when a wayward Peep gets misplaced and must adventure through the fantasy lands of different-themed dioramas before the contest’s judging begins.”

Rifkin, Brent Tinter and Brian E. Rochlin will produce the big screen offering. The idea is that Rifkin’s crowd will fold-in with a big name studio – a’la Warner Bros – to make the film as tasty as it can be. Hopefully there’s a sugar-free version in the works for the insulin-dependent.