VOD Views – April 28, 2014


Everyone’s doing it. Now Hulu and Hulu Plus have announced original programming.

The online TV delivery service is enjoying healthy financial results, now it seems it wants to share in the critical plaudits heaped upon the likes of Netflix for ”House of Cards” and ”Orange is the New Black”. And with names like Chris O’Dowd and Seth Meyers in the lineup announced a few months back, anything’s possible.

Also live on your PC or device right now, YouTube Nation. It’s a joint venture between YouTube and Dreamworks Animation that will produce a daily news report of everything that’s cool on YouTube. It’s not original content in the vein of some of the online-only shows winning Emmys, but this Variety report (http://variety.com/2014/digital/news/youtube-dreamworks-animation-to-produce-daily-original-series-exclusive-1201040884/) wondered if it was a message by the ubiquitous video streaming site that it was ready to work with big media partners for much more lucrative ends.

Might we be living in an age we look back on as the one when the old ‘TV station’ media started to die out and websites and content portals like Netflix and YouTube took over content programming? Even old TV is going digital – in some states of Moviehole’s home country of Australia, ads have been appearing everywhere to restart and retune your TV as the government switches off the old analogue band and every network broadcasts exclusively in digital.

Out now and coming up, awesomely cool-looking comedy horror ”Stage Fright” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/stage-fright/id836441927?uo=4&at=10lorC). When a teenager follows in her mothers’ footsteps to try and become a Broadway star, she’s barely on her way before bodies start piling up.

What might be the cutest and sweetest documentary you’ve seen all year can be found in ”Pretty Old” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/pretty-old/id803603142?uo=4&at=10lorC), about the hopes, dreams and trials facing participants in the Ms Senior Sweetheart pageant in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Few VOD titles get so much attention in the world of movie press short of a couple of reviews, but we’ve all been talking about ”Nymphomaniac” for months, and both parts of Danish enfant terrible director Lars von Trier’s sexual self-awareness odyssey are available now;


Keep watching for Movehole’s review coming very soon.

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