Star Wars Update : Isaac rumored for role; Ford’s part is ‘gigantic’


On May 4 – widely known as ‘Star Wars’ day – we’re expected to hear some official news regarding “Star Wars Episode VII”. In the least, fans are anticipating that the studio will release the names of a few cast members (though Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are onboard, they still haven’t been officially announced by way of Lucasfilm press release or trade announcement) – particularly considering the only confirmed cast member at this stage is R2D2.

In addition to suggesting the first big cast-read for the film is happening in London this week (makes sense, considering Hamill, Ford and Fisher have all been spotted in the UK in recent days), Deadline says “Inside Llewyn Davis” star Oscar Isaac could be in the flick.

I’m hearing that Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac is in line for a major role, as is Adam Driver and Attack the Block’s John Boyega, both of whom have been rumored. There is also a young girl, and that might be Maisie Richardson-Sellers, an Oxford-trained actress whose casting has been rumored in recent weeks.

In addition, those expecting Harrison Ford’s role in the new film will be more no more than a cameo are in for a surprise. According to the trade, ‘Han Solo’ has a ‘gigantic’ part in the new “Wars”. Furthermore, they won’t be killing off the vest-wearing scoundrel in Episode VII, he’s also back for the two sequels that follow it.

Considering May 4 is just around the corner, not to mention the casting read is happening this week, expect to hear something solid in terms of casting this week or next. Exciting times.