In 2013 interview Domhnall Gleeson spoke of Star Wars disinterest


Newly-announced “Star Wars Episode VII” cast member Domhnall Gleeson had no interest in docking his pod in Tattoine – well he didn’t last year, anyway.

Speaking to the actor late last year for Brit comedy “About Time”, Gleeson – though a self-confessed geek- said he had no interest in testing for the space blockbuster about to set up camp in his backyard of London.

According to the “Harry Potter” vet, he’d heard that none of the actors on the previous movies were shown scripts before they signed on, and signing onto something without a script wasn’t something he was interested in.

“I’m not saddling up for that, no”, the actor, who played opposite Rachel McAdams in Richard Curtis’s time-traveling rom-com, said. “They don’t give you the script for those films, as far as I know. They don’t give you the script. There’s something very strange about signing up for a film where you don’t get to read what you’re doing first. I just find it a little bit unsettling.”
Gleeson, who recently returned from Australia where he shot “Unbroken” for director Angelina Jolie, thought he’d be lost working on a “Star Wars” movie.

“I mean, yeah, especially, when you turn up on set, you’d like to know what the hell you’re looking at!”.

Gleeson, admitting what a huge fan of the series he was (we even spent an earlier part of the conversation talking about how effortlessly “cool” Harrison Ford is), was excited at the prospect of another “Star Wars” movie though.

“I think they’re gonna use technical effects and stuff. And JJ Abrams is directing obviously, so. It’s a really cool idea.”

The ginger-haired thesp was also excited at the prospect of a full-scale Millennium Falcon being built for the movie.

Less than a year later… Gleeson signs for “Star Wars Episode VII”. One can almost imagine the smile he wore when a) he was presented with an actual ‘script’ for the film and b) he got to see the full-scale Millennium Falcon he’d heard was being built.

Gleeson, 30, is the son of acclaimed actor Brendan Gleeson.