Jack Burton’s back… in comic form!


The eternally-sought sequel might never come to fruition (better chance of a reboot, I’d say), but Jack Burton keeps on truckin’ through the pages of a new “Big Trouble in Little China” comic series!

Eric Powell (”The Goon”) and Brian Churilla (”The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun”) team on the offering, out June 4 from Boom! Studios.

“Big Trouble in Little China”, reunited actor Kurt Russell and director John Carpenter (“Escape From New York”, “The Thing”, “Elvis”) in a mind-boggling adventure deep within Chinatown’s mysterious underworld.

Carpenter helped carve the story of the comics.

“Everything my young brain could throw into a movie and love, it was in there,” says Powell, who worked alongside Carpenter on the libretto.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard Chinese black magic brought up anywhere else but that movie,” says Churilla. “It seemed like such a natural fit for a comic. It was a no-brainer.”

USA Today, who have the pics and paragraphs on the new comic, provided the following summary of the comic series :

The new comic picks up right where the movie ended, with the reveal of one of Lo Pan’s ape monsters hiding in the back of Burton’s Pork Chop Express truck on his way out of town. Burton discovers him but instead of brawling, he ends up befriending the slobbering and friendly creature, naming him Pete and taking him back to Chinatown, where Wang is about to be married.

Unfortunately, a new villain arrives in the form of Lo Pan’s warrior magician Qiang Wu, who’s not pleased his master has been assassinated. He captures Wang and forces Jack to venture back into the underworld, with his swagger and ever-present third-person “Jack-isms” in tow.

Along the way, Big Trouble also showcases aspects of Burton’s past adventures involving biker gangs, death cults and even “some romantic history lessons,” says Powell.

Here’s some shots of the new comic :