Watch the real Wolf of Wall Street on 60 Minutes


For those who didn’t catch it, the Wolf of Wall Street himself Jordan Belfort proved he couldn’t handle the heat of investigative journalism on 60 Minutes. You’d think a man so made his insane wealth from defrauding investors, which landed him in jail, would be used to answering the tough questions. Apparently not as he verbally exploded, and stormed out of his interview with Liz Hayes. With his image being arguably changed and glorified by Leonardo DiCaprio’s presentation of his life in the Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) , Belfort displayed his short fuse has if anything, gotten shorter.

After taking an array of button pushing questions from Hayes (who is famous for her confrontational interview style) Belfort stormed out of the room. Check out a peak of what happened here. Visit the channel 9 website for the full thing.