Rosenbaum dropped from NBC’s Mission Control


Michael Rosenbaum (“Smallville”) has been dropped from upcoming NBC series “Mission Control”.

According to Deadline, the popular actor – best known for his role as Lex Luthor on the CW’s “Smallville” – played “Bus, a handsome, jockish, stubborn and loudly likeable NASA astronaut” in the pilot, but the network has decided to recast the role.

The workplace comedy, set in the ’60s, stars Krysten Ritter.

Produced by Will Ferell and Adam McKay, it stars Ritter as a young woman competing against a gung-ho male astronaut in a race to land on the moon.

Rosenbaum, most recently in the film “Back in the Day”, will likely land elsewhere. The hunt is on for a replacement ‘Bus’.