Brad Pitt for True Detective Season 2?


Brad Pitt is rumoured to be starring in the second season of HBO hit “True Detective”.
A source tells The Daily Star UK that “Brad is already part of the HBO family and if commitments allow he will be part of the second season of True Detective. The quality of the scripts means the biggest A-listers in the world want the role.”
According to the publication, “World War Z” star Pitt is as good as a lock for the show – they just have to work out the nuts and bolts of the contract.
While it was expected – after Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson headlined the first season – that a big star or two would be roped in for “True Detective” next season, this is the first time we’ve heard that Pitt has been approached, so take it with a small handful of coco pops for now.