Khan takes on The Yellow Birds


Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Poulter and Tye Sheridan will take the screen together for war drama “The Yellow Birds”.
David Lowery will direct the film which will see Poulter and Sheridan play two young soldiers who look to an older sergeant (Cumberbatch) for guidance as they’re deployed to Iraq.
Lowery also penned the script which was adapted from Kevin Powers’ novel. Powers served in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.
“I never had any interest in making a war film until Jeff and Evan brought me the novel by Kevin Powers,” said Lowery. “And perhaps I still don’t, because while Powers’ story takes place during wartime, it isn’t about the conflict. It is about characters who find themselves caught up in war, but who struggle to not let it define them. I fell in love with them. It is a beautiful and deeply personal tale, relayed through images and memories, and I am excited to have the chance to bring it to the screen.”
Cumberbatch can next be seen in historical drama “The Imitation Game” while Sheridan can be caught in “Scouts vs. Zombies”. Poulter’s upcoming projects include “The Maze Runner” and “Glassland”.