Jessica Chastain for True Detective?


Well, the British press got it half right.

Seems it’s not Brad Pitt that’s being courted to headline the next season of “True Detective” (though I suppose it’s still possible he’s in the mix for a role) but the ageing Fabio’s “Tree of Life” co-star.

According to Nerdist, Jessica Chastain has been offered a role – one she’s still to accept – in the next season of Nic Pizzolatto’s TV gem.

Pizzolatto had mentioned previously that the next season would fix on “hard women” – and have something to do with the U.S transportation system – which I guess is why Chastain might’ve been picked over Pitt. Though, I’m sure the man looks quite fine in a two-piece bikini too. Bit of lippy.

Awards-fave Chastain is best known for her head-turning role in “Zero Dark Thirty”; she co-stars with “True Detective” Season 1 alum Matthew McConaughey in the upcoming “Interstellar”.