Watch Dogs


To celebrate the release of “Watch Dogs” on PS4, Ubisoft in association with Moviehole have 5 copies to giveaway!

Step into the future with Watch Dogs, a high tech action adventure game where your ability to hack everything around you is your greatest weapon. You play as Aiden Pearce, a former thug and brilliant hacker who will stop at nothing to get his revenge. For PlayStation 4.

Chicago Is Your Weapon

Using his hacking skills, Aiden can utilize the city of Chicago’s own defense system as a weapon. Using just his smartphone he can manipulate the city’s infrastructure in real time, causing traffic pileups, trains to stop, raising bridges and even hacking into peoples phones and bank accounts for information or funds.

Fight To Survive

Not all problems can be solved by hacking, and Aiden will often have to fight hand to hand to survive. Utilize over 30 traditional weapons throughout the game, from guns to a baton, in order to dispatch enemies. You can also get behind the wheel of over 65 vehicles in order to escape your pursuers.

‘Disrupt’ Engine

”Watch Dogs” is a next generation game designed for advanced systems, built on a brand new engine developed by Ubisoft Reflections called “Disrupt”. This uses improved processing and graphics to deliver a stunning visual performance which is incredibly realistic. It gives you more of an affect on the game than ever before, with consequences to the story, the city and the life of the population based on your choices.

How to Win : Email Us Your Name, Address and the Answer to this Question : “Which studio is making the upcoming ‘Watch Dogs’ movie?”

Watch_Dogs is out May 27 on all consoles, PC and coming soon to WiiU

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