Sigourney Weaver optimistic about Alien 5


Speaking at the Hero Complex Festival (via Collider) in a Q&A about her involvement in the “Alien” quadrilogy, screen legend Sigourney Weaver offered a glimmer of hope that Ellen Ripley might one day return.

While the actress hinted that she’s gung-ho for more “Alien” movies, she did say she’d prefer the next film isn’t set on Earth.

“I don’t think Alien belongs on Earth popping out of a haystack, which is where I was afraid it was going to go. I feel it should take place in the far reaches of the universe where no one in their right mind would go.”

Weaver’s been doing the rounds of the conventions lately – along with some other “Alien” alum – and says she’s amazed that the series is still as popular as ever. If only for that reason, she sees Fox doing another installment in the series.. sometime.

“I feel after going to a couple of these Comic Cons and meeting so many fans who are so passionate about the series, passionate about Ripley — that there’s more story to tell; but I don’t know how to do that. There are very few filmmakers that I can think of that I would want to entrust this to. But I can think of a couple… I feel there’s a longing in certain groups of fans when I meet them for the story to be finished because we really left it up in the air and I feel a bit badly about that because I was part of that decision making process. I didn’t want to make four and five in a bundle. I think it’s hard to make these films all in a big lump. You need time to sort of let things resonate so I can imagine a situation where we could at least finish telling her story. I think that would be very satisfying at least to me — although I haven’t done anything about it; but I can understand why that could happen and I certainly know young filmmakers who are interested in doing that. So we’ll just have to see what happens.”

Fox seem quite happy to be focusing on Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” franchise – which, though only a prequel to “Alien” in yarn, not tone, has seemingly changed the shape of the series as a whole – for the moment, and there haven’t been any whispers of a new “Alien” movie in years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got their ideas.