Now we’re being told Robert Pattinson may be a young Han Solo…


Just as I said last week, Robert Pattinson’s X-Wing seems bound for any other planet than one that falls within the star system of franchises.

Still, that didn’t stop the internet from monster-ejaculating all over many a homepage with word of a possible new ‘Indiana Jones’ series for Robert Pattinson.

This one smelt off from the get-go though; for starters, Harrison Ford is still very much committed to doing another “Indiana Jones” (or two), the man’s star hasn’t dipped too much that he’s considered unworthy of headlining a tentpole (and his name is only going to mean more once “Star Wars Episode VII” hits theaters; funny to think “Star Wars” would be Ford’s comeback – but I’m betting it is), and it came from the British press – who are about as reliable as a hypochondriac at a crime scene.

Further, Robert Pattinson’s been so good in all these meaty, indie dramas he’s been doing of late – like “The Rover”, which opens today around Australia – that he’s not going to want to lock himself into another long-running franchise, one that will prevent him from participating in the kind of fare he prefers.

But here we go again…

According to Hollywood Life, the British press got it wrong – Pattinson wasn’t up for Indiana Jones, he’s up for Han Solo. Someone got their Harrison Ford characters wrong, they say.
Sounds like hit bait to me. Regardless, here it is..

Rumors are swirling that Robert Pattinson will step into Harrison Ford’s shoes to play a top-secret role in a new ‘Indiana Jones’ film — but an EXCLUSIVE source tells the truth about Rob’s movie future! It involves Harrison Ford, but NOT in the way you think.
Is Rob Pattinson, 28, trading in his romantic leading man status for rugged action flicks? More like sci-fi! Robert is being tapped to potentially be a vital part of Star Wars history. Be warned: Your jaw is absolutely about to drop!
“Everyone has been talking about the possibility that Rob will be the new Indiana Jones, but that is not going to happen,” a source reveals EXCLUSIVELY to “What has been talked about is a standalone Han Solo film, younger Han Solo before everything that happened in Star Wars and the person who is on the high list to get the part is Robert Pattinson.”

Yes, there is a young “Han Solo” movie apparently in the works. And it might even be the film Gareth Edwards has been hired to direct. And yes, it’s being shoot in Britain. But that doesn’t mean Pattinson’s name has even been floated for it.

While I don’t doubt Pattinson could play a young Han Solo – the “Twilight” alum has definitely proved his versatility in recent years – I just don’t see this as something he’d be ringing his agent off-the-hook to nab for him.

Also, I think Pattinson would agree he looks nothing like Harry Ford circa 1977.

Still, talk amongst ourselves.