Steven Seagal readying Under Siege 3


There have been a Cop-and-a-half’s worth of rumours regarding one throughout the years, but Steven Seagal’s finally getting serious about doing a third “Under Siege” it seems.

In a new interview with The Big Issue, Seagal says he’s trying to get a second sequel to his 1992 mega-hit up.

Considering the first two films were housed at Warner Bros, Seagal would seemingly have to get back-in-bed with the studio he seemingly long parted ways with.

Under Siege was set on a boat, Under Siege 2 was on a train, if they made an Under Siege 3 where would it be set?

I would set it in Russia.

It seems like Russia has been Hollywood’s default bad guy forever.

I sorta think the opposite. I think that America and Russia should be great allies and great friends. And can be. What I want to do is write a movie, which I’ve sorta already done, where Russian special forces and American special forces work together to combat terrorism. The only way for us to prosper as a human race is for us to get along. There are hundreds of millions of people that want that.

So Under Siege 3 will happen?

Sure hope so.

Would it be on a boat or a train or would it be about something bigger than that?

I don’t want to make it too big. I don’t want it to look like Die Hard 47 or something like that. I’d like to make it a bit more realistic if I can.

In the same interview, Seagal says he’s still not keen on doing an “Expendables” film, but suggests he might be putting together his own similar-themed project.