Latest Batman v Superman rumours : What’s true? What’s not?


There’s been a whole Batcave full of rumours ricocheting around the net this week regarding “Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice”, so we thought we’d round up a few of the more interesting and credible ones.

Villain Rumours
A rumour suggesting Mr. Zsasz, the serial killer rogue from the comics, being in the film has been debunked. Apparently the character, and that of the more-known villain Doomsday, appear in a fake script for the film that was circulated to some of the major websites to deter them from getting an accurate tap on the film’s storyline.

Batman’s suit, Lex’s hair
Batman On Film heard from a scooper who had the juice on Luthor’s rug colour and Batty’s attire tone. “Batfleck’s Batsuit is steel grey and black. It’s mostly made of foam rubber even though it appears to be “cloth.” It has the muscles built into the suit (which I think is supposed to be “armor” under the “cloth” bodysuit”, says the scooper. “Lex has hair – whether or not the character has hair during the entire film is unknown.”

Kevin Smith didn’t write a fake script
Though a fake script has been circulating, it wasn’t written by Kevin Smith – as some have suggested. The filmmaker denied any involvement in the faux libretto, saying “No major studio would let a guy like me near their franchises – even if it was for a dummy script meant solely to fool the news sites”.