Celaya gets Griffith’s job on Constantine


Angelica Celaya is set to join NBC’s “Constantine”.
She joins Matt Ryan, Harrold Perrineau and Charles Halford in the cast of the new supernatural thriller in which she will play the Zed, a character with “an interesting dark past”.
EP Daniel Cerone described the character as “intuitive”.
“She’s someone who can go toe to toe with John [Constantine], and that’s ultimately something we felt like we needed,” he said of Zed. “We wanted a more dynamic relationship, as opposed to someone who is a teacher/mentor and a student. It just didn’t feel as fertile and rich of an area as just a strong man and a strong woman who are both very different”.
The show was recently hit with the exit of “True Blood” actress Lucy Griffiths who quit the show after filming the pilot episode. Celaya’s Zed comes on board as a kind of replacement character.
The producers have declared that there is no need to reshoot the pilot without Griffiths.
The show centres on John Constantine as he struggles with his faith and is haunted by the sins of his past yet is suddenly thrust into the role of defending humanity from the gathering forces of darkness.
Ryan plays the titular character who was first written as a comic book character. He was then brought to the screen in the 2005 Keanu Reeves film “Constantine”.
The show’s producers revealed the casting news at Sunday’s Television Critics Association press tour.

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