Sandra Bullock’s Tupperware movie hosted by Sony


Sandra Bullock’s next film will be about Tupperware?!?
Sony Pictures has landed the rights to Bob Kealing’s novel “Tupperware Unsealed” and Bullock is attached to star.
Tate Taylor will direct and adapt the script to the film about Brownie Wise, a pioneering American saleswoman behind the real-life tupperware brand.
David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville Entertainment will produce the project with Steele Mill Productions’ Tom Shelly.
“As a writer-director, Tate has the rare and delicate ability to capture both the romanticism and restrictions of a time and place – in this case 1950′s suburban America,” siad Hannah Minghella, president of Production for the studio. “His characters are both immediately recognizable while also uniquely iconic. Such was the magic of Brownie Wise. There is no one better than Sandy to play Brownie — they share a fierce bravery and independent spirit.”