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Star Wars Spoilers and Set Vid!

Your first look at an X-Wing prototype plus want to know the potential storyline of the film!?

So, earlier this week, a potential plot synopsis – albeit somewhat of a skeletal summarisation – for “Star Wars : Episode VII” hit the web. Was a little unsure whether to run it or not – not because I didn’t think it had a chance of being accurate (previous rumours seem to tie in with this latest nugget, but more so the outlet’s good a great reputation when it comes to inside-sourced scoops) but because, I simply wondered, like me, if you guys wanted the film spoilt for you? I know, I know.. in these internet-infused times of ruined punchlines, it’s unavoidable that most films are going to be ruined for us before we walk into the theater, but this is “Star Wars”.. as much as I can imagine y’all want to know as much as you can about the story, you likely also might wish you’d never seen a sentence on it. So, here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you the choice of whether or not you want to flick over to Bad Ass Digest and see for yourself the possible synopsis of the movie. Those that aren’t out to spoil and soil, I’ll tell you this : Events in the film indirectly tie to events in “Empire Strikes Back”, and that Luke Skywalker’s role is somewhat like that of Flynn’s arc in “TRON Legacy”. What I can say, I guess, is that the report backs up everything I’m hearing about John Boyega’s performance – that his turn as [not going to say] might just be the film’s standout.

So here’s that link again, for those that can’t wait for the carbonite to melt December 2015.

Meanwhile, JJ Abrams is back with another plug for the Unicef crowd-funding exercise – and instead of showing off one of the film’s new aliens in the promotional video, he gives us our first look at a rusted, old-school (but still in commission , seemingly..) X-Wing Fighter.
I must now change my underwear.

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