Comic-Con : Ant-Man, Fury Road, Hunger Games Posters!


A poster – so good it might even spur a few to mutter ‘Edgar Who?’ – for “Ant-Man”, exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, has hit the web.

The one-sheeter, no doubt available to buy from the Con (and if so, someone get me one!), is terrific, and gives people a better inkling as to what to expect from the film. More so, it showcases the floating heads of [stars] Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas – apparently the rest of the bodies are also in the film, but even if that’s not the case, the poster is so spiffy it makes me want to go see it (since I won’t be paying, anyway) now.

Next, we’ve – another really cool poster – the one-sheet for “Mad Max Fury Road”, starring, Tom Hardy. The “Thunderdome” follow-up will be spruiked to the high heavens this week at Comic-Con, and as soon as it’s panel is done in Hall H we’ll be back here to fill you in on what was said, done and shown (guessing some footage; guessing said footage will then make it onto the web quickly thereafter). In addition to the poster (below), there’s been a few new high-res images from the film floating about.

Thirdly, a rather sketchy (geddit?) poster for “The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1” – again, exclusive to the Con. I’m not a huge fan of this, but no doubt fans will eat it up.