Three hop from Ant-Man


Three actors – one quite the name – won’t be joining their [former] “Ant-Man” colleagues on stage at Comic-Con this weekend.

According to Deadline, the production delays the Marvel movie has experienced – namely due to Edgar Wright’s departure, and the time-intensive script rewrites that took place after – has led to Patrick Wilson’s departure from the movie. The “Insidious” actor now has a scheduling clash, so had to jump ship from the Peyton Reed directed movie, which begins shooting in August. Marvel will bring in another actor to play the part.

Also out, but because of script changes (not the delay), are Kevin Weisman and Matt Gerard. Reportedly, the characters they were set to play were downsized considerably after rewrites.

Of course, the very pleasant ‘script changes’ and ‘scheduling conflicts’ excuse might also be a cloak for “Fuck this, if Edgar Wright’s no longer doing the movie, I want out!’.