Sam Raimi doing Evil Dead TV series, Last of Us movie


Sam Raimi surprised Comic-Con attendees today – firstly, by showing up unannounced – with news of an “Evil Dead” TV series.

Raimi, who directed the original “Evil Dead” series and produced the 2013 remake, is working with brother Ivan on the small-screen series.

While Raimi didn’t offer any insight into whether the show might fix on original series hero Ash, he did say Bruce Campbell – the face behind the chainsaw-wielding slayer- will be involved in some capacity.

The “Spider-Man” director also confirmed that he’s bringing the video game “The Last of Us” to the big screen. Neil Druckmann, who wrote the game, is also writing the film. Though nothing is set in stone (or throne), Raimi and Druckmann both revealed that they’ve met with “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams about playing the film’s lead, survivor Ellie.

Sadly, no update on the film on the film Raimi promised us a year or so ago (was it at Comic-Con when he announced it? think it was), “Army of Darkness 2”.