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Chris Carter hints at X-Files reboot

“There certainly have been conversations” about bringing the ’90s hit back to TV screens

While FOX are yet to warm up to his idea of another bigscreen venture for Mulder and Scully, “X-Files” creator Chris Carter suggests – in a yak with Vulture  – that a small-screen reboot might be on the way.

Vulture: The heads of 20th Century Fox TV, which produced The X-Files, are now also in charge of the Fox network. Does this make it more or less likely there’ll be some sort of reboot or sequel to the show? Things were tense between you and the suits at the studio for a while; you filed a big lawsuit against them.
Chris Carter: A lot of the people that were involved in that [lawsuit] have moved on. It’s the business. I’m very friendly with Gary and Dana. Dana and I basically cut our teeth at the same time. She was a publicist. It’s nice to go through your career with someone you have respect for and were in the trenches with. Dana and I sat in the same room during the first market testing of The X-Files. She was like a junior publicist, and I was this unproven producer. She was there at the beginning. So I owe her a lot. And certainly she and I have talked a lot about this.

Vulture: Is that a way of saying a reboot is happening?
Chris Carter: That’s just a way of saying there certainly have been conversations.

Vulture: So why hasn’t it happened? 
Chris Carter: I would assume nothing. Hold on a second. [Looks at phone.] This is funny — I just got a text message from David Duchovny. You can put that in! We are not only friends, but neighbors. There’s something to do with a remote control that I have. [Laughs.]

Now before fans start freaking out like a Mogwai near a lake, remember that ‘reboot’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘remake’ so what Carter and Fox might be looking at is a show that serves as somewhat of a sequel to the old series, while introducing some new players into proceedings (maybe a grown-up William, the son of the duo, will be the main focus?). So, Carter might still be up to tie-up the loose ends of the Scully and Mulder story.

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