Comic-Con : Avengers : Age of Ultron posters, footage description


The cast and crew of “Avengers : Age of Ultron” were wheeled out – as part of Marvel’s presentation in Hall H – to the joy of Comic-Con attendees today; though they didn’t bring with them Joss Whedon (resting after surgery) and Scarlett Johansson (resting after giving birth), they did bring a nice sizzle reel. In addition, some new posters for the sequel were also released.
Josh Brolin will also be reprising ‘Thanos’ – which he originated in “Guardians of the Galaxy” – for the film.

Comic Book Resources have a rundown of the footage that was shown :

The sizzle reel begins with the Avengers in civilian attire, post-party, in Avengers Tower. They lounge around a table where Thor’s hammer rests.

Hawkeye chides Thor about the whole “he be worthy” oath surrounding who can pick up the hammer. Tony Stark tries to prove that he can do it.

His first attempt — hammer doesn’t move. To much laughter from the crowd, he tries again — this time wearing his Iron Man glove. Still can’t move it.

Rhodey helps him for a third time, armed with his right War Machine glove, and neither one can budge it.

Cut to Banner using a double-grip on the hammer — nothing. He lets go, pounding his chest and roaring on mock-Hulk rage — much to the worry of the rest of the Avengers.

Next up, is Steve Rogers. The hammer moves a little — much to the concern of Thor, which got another big laugh from the audience.

Black Widow passes on a chance to pick it up, leaving everyone confused as to why no one could lift it.

“Because none of you are worthy,” Thor says — moments before a piercing shriek sounds throughout the room, followed by the entrance of a tattered, metal robot skeleton.

It’s Ultron, in an early form. He is wearing some form of red plastic-looking armor which bears the “A” Avengers logo.

Ultron monologues the startled Avengers. “I know you’re ‘good’ people,” he tells them. “I know you mean well. But you just didn’t think it through… There is only one path to peace — your extermination.”

Then two Ultron drones smash through walls, knifing toward the unarmed Avengers.

A montage of footage plays, scored to a slowed down, extra creepy version of “I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down” as Ultron speaks ominous things over glimpses of a city intersection under attack from unknown aggressors.

Iron Man soars over a snow-covered European landscape, then looks out over a mountain range.

Highlights include:

— Shots of Scarlet Witch aboard an elevated train. Thor landing atop a moving tank before smashing it with his hammer.

— A shirtless and dazed Banner stumbling up a snowy incline in a forest somewhere.

— Banner seemingly bound inside a stone room.

— Black Widow racing toward a target while riding Cap’s bike

— Stark’s Hulkbuster armor locking into place while facing off against a really angry Hulk in Korea. Hulk throws a sedan at Stark’s Hulkbuster armor — Stark catches it a moment before Hulk head butts the car into Stark’s chest.

— In the same fight, Hulk charges at Stark, throwing a punch — which Stark’s metal hand catches — the inertia knocking him back a bit.

No shots of Vision, but we did glimpse Quicksliver in action aboard the aforementioned subway car. The last shots of the footage screened feature Ultron turning to camera, eyes flaring red, saying “There are no strings on me” moments before the “A” in Avengers burns onto screen, followed by the film’s title treatment,

The last shot sent chills through the audience. The camera drifts down a rocky surface to find Cap’s shattered shield, split down the middle.

Cut to Stark, out of his armor, waking up at the foot of a tiered, stone staircase next to the broken shield. Wide to reveal bodies littering the staircase. All dead. All Avengers.

Cut to black. You can breathe now.