Dwayne Johnson on Fast 7, Expendables 4 and a two-hander with Arnold


While most were soaking themselves in dry beer at one of the umpteen Comic-Con parties last night, Dwayne Johnson was tapping away on a computer – answering fan questions on Reddit.

Though the majority of the talk was teed to his new film “Hercules” – the reason he was on Reddit, essentially – Johnson did touch on some interesting things, like how Paul Walker’s passing affected him.

On Paul Walker…
Finishing Fast and Furious without Paul was very bittersweet. His death was heartbreaking and in a way, informed us that we should be even more grateful for every waking minute and hug our loved ones and friends just that much tighter and stronger. I truly feel audiences will be very happy and emotionally moved by Fast 7. Im proud of the movie we made – proud of my fellow actors, director, studio partners and hard working blue collar film crew. The truth is, like all movies – Fast and Furious will come and go and hopefully, leave an incredible movie legacy behind. To me, the #1 most important thing I care about is making sure his daughter has stability in her life and good solid men around her to help raise her in the wake of Paul’s passing.

On being in an “Expendables” movie…
If you’re asking if I would consider being in the EXPENDABLES franchise – then the answer is yes. BUT.. I don’t want to be on their team and be buddies with them. F*ck that noise. I want to hunt every single one of them down and tell them to “send your soul to heaven cause your ass is mine.” Rousey lives cause she’d be my characters training partner and Crews lives as well cause my character would need someone to compete at pec popping with.

On doing a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger himself crashed the Reddit and answered the question!
“I just came here to congratulate Dwayne, but you just gave me a great idea for a movie. I would love to do a movie with Dwayne – the Oak and the Rock – it couldn’t be more perfect. Anyway, congratulations Dwayne. The movie looks fantastic and I can tell you know what’s best in life. Let’s get together soon and share sword stories.”
Dwayne’s response? “Awesome, look forward to swappin’ sword stories.”

There’s more here at Reddit.