Comic-Con : Ra’s al Ghul is the villain of Arrow Season 3


A day after it’s Comic-Con panel, The CW’s “Arrow” revealed it’s big bad for season 3 : Ra’s al Ghul.

An appearance by the well-known rogue (who film fans will remember playing the main rogue in “Batman Begins”) has been in the works for a while.

“It really happened very organically in the sense that we had this notion that in episode 16 we were going to reveal that Malcolm Merlyn was trained by the League of Assassins and that’s because that’s because of the comic book. We were like, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to get away with a little reference about a guy in Nanda Parbat who changed his life,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told media on Saturday. “That was just the beginning.”

Some clues in Season 2 episode ‘Broken Dolls’ suggested Ra’s future appearance.

“We just slowly started creeping towards it and creeping towards it. Then discussions started happening with DC and then Superman-Batman started happening getting into clearer focus,” he said. “The character seemed to be available as far as not being used in the movies. It was a very, very organic progression. That was what was fun for us, just how natural it happened.”

Guggenheim said their version of Ra’s will be somewhat different to Christopher Nolan’s version in “Batman Begins”.

“We have a really clever way of doing Ra’s this year that is true to the comic-book origins but different from the way Ra’s was portrayed in the Nolan movies. You don’t want to compete with Batman Begins, even though we’ve always said Batman Begins was a big influence on us,” he says. “We really wanted our Ra’s to be very different — at least our own Arrow-ified version.”

Casting is underway to find Ra’s Al Ghul at the moment.