Rian Johnson talks Star Wars : Episode VIII


He’s understandably tight-lipped about the project – we’re still a year or so off “Episode VII”, after all, and a few years off “Episode VIII” – but newly-hired “Star Wars : Episode VIII” director Rian Johnson let slip a few vague details to The Chicago Sun-Times about his plans for the spacely sequel.

“The thought of it made me so completely joyfully happy. I wanted to play in this world, of literally the first movie my dad put me in the car to see.”

As far as how he got the gig, Johnson joked “I can only assume it was a clerical error, like in the movie ‘Brazil.’ There’s a Brian Johnson out there who is really mad.”

Johnson (“Looper”) joked that his film will harken back to one of the more embarrassing moments in “Star Wars” long history (he’s joking, relax).

“With these films, I am trying to harken back to the original ‘Star Wars’ …. Christmas special. We do have Jefferson Starship.”

Johnson said he and his team are preparing by watching movies every night, the last two being “Twelve O’Clock High” and the Russian film “Letter Never Sent.”