Jeffrey Dean Morgan wanted to play Batman… is this close enough!?


Jeffrey Dean Morgan always wanted to play an older Batman… is this close enough!?

Umpteen years after I quizzed him on whether or not he might like to follow-up his stint in “Watchmen” with another comic-book character, and the answer resulting in the decrepit Caped Crusader at the center of Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns”, former TV heartthrob Jeffrey Dean Morgan is cast in a Batman film. Albeit, not as Batman – but still, a member of the Wayne clan.

If this newly-released set pic from “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice” is anything to go by, the “Grey’s Anatomy” alum has been cast as Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s late pop in the Zack Snyder directed movie. Now, I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine the painting is of anyone else but Ben Affleck’s screen poppa. Guess it could be a painting of some other chap from the film’s make-believed world of brawn and baddies, but his look suggests ‘filthy rich tycoon’ to me.

If so, Thomas Wayne would likely appear in flashbacks that offer the movie some sort of diet origin yarn (since it fixes on a 50-year-old Batman they’re not going the origin route this time around) about Batman’s early years.

The way this has come about, likely, is Morgan’s existing relationship with director Snyder – he, of course, cast him as The Comedian in the [anti] superhero pic “Watchmen”. But besides that.. Morgan’s perfect for it – and I’m sure that came into consideration too.

And back to Morgan’s proposal to play Frank Miller’s Batman on the big screen; keep the dream alive, buddy – another ten years and you’ll be even more perfect for that role than you are today.