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Thanks to Veronica Mars, we may get a Vampire Academy sequel

Thanks to Veronica Mars, we may get a Vampire Academy sequel

Convinced it’s fan base is just as large as the one that helped put a “Veronica Mars” movie on screens big and small, the producers of the ill-fated “Vampire Academy” movie have taken to a crowd-funding platform in the hope of convincing you – yes, you – to pay for the sequel.

With The Weinstein’s “Vampire Academy” making less money than Mel Gibson would manning the phones at an Easter Telethon, those behind the feature film version of the YA book series say they’re not going to get to do the sequel “Frostbite” – unless you guys cough up some money for it. And if y’all can generate 1.5 million towards the production, then they’ll get the rest of their financing and their greenlight.

There’s about a money left on this public-pays-for-it campaign; they’ve snagged 100 grand so far – long way to go.

Here’s the producers’ plea via IndieGoGo (yep, very Indie this one…)

Four years ago we embarked on a journey to bring Richelle Mead’s beloved series, “Vampire Academy,” to the big screen. Upon securing the rights we immediately came to YOU, the fans, with our hopes for this franchise. Creating and building a social media presence ended up being the best decision we ever made. Through the ups and downs of these last years, YOU have stood by us and for that we are forever thankful.
And now, here we are, back to square one. With over 360,000 film fans on our Facebook page and 47,000 Twitter followers – the one message we continue to receive is clear and simple: YOU WANT FROSTBITE.
Exhausting all our resources these past six months, we have successfully funded the majority of the second film. However, our financiers have made one request before we are officially green lit. They want to see a large enough fan interest to warrant their investment. And so, we turn to YOU, the self-proclaimed #VAFamily to make this a reality.
We are asking for our global fan base – US, Australia, Brazil, UK, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, India, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Germany, New Zealand, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Sweden, Malaysia, Croatia, Argentina, Algeria, Egypt, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Morocco, Slovenia, Serbia, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, Hungary, Venezuela, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Singapore, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Netherlands (to name a few) – to help us continue Rose and Lissa’s story.

This is all on you – as the producers state, if they don’t get the 1.5 million, then their backers won’t believe there’s a hunger for another “Vampire Academy” movie and they won’t make it.

We need to raise 1.5 million to see Frostbite become a reality. If we raise more, it will only allow us to make an even better film for YOU.

Per the request of the fans for a true book to film adaptation, our screenwriter, Piers Ashworth (“St.Trinian’s”), has delivered! Only by reaching our full goal amount will we move forward, but with your help we know we can bring Adrian, Eddie, Tasha, Janine and the rest of the VA characters to life once more.
We leave you with this thought…reaching our goal will not only green light FROSTBITE, it will bring us one step closer to SHADOW KISS!

Here’s the official synopsis for “Frostbite” :

Best friends, Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir, have settled back at St. Vladimir’s Academy and have finally gotten a handle on Lissa’s rare Spirit magic and their Shadowkissed bond. With Victor Dashkov behind bars, Rose and Lissa believe their worries are behind them until an alarming rise in Strigoi attacks puts everyone at risk.
Whisked away to a secure mountain lodge for their own safety, the students of St. Vladamir’s are treated to a winter ski vacation while the Guardian’s work to uncover how the Strigoi have learned to disable the magical wards that protect all Moroi dwellings.
Set in the beautiful snow covered mountains of Montana and Idaho, Rose’s relationships and abilities are put to the ultimate test.
I’m, of course, donating a few grand – I’d do anything to pay for the privilege of being an overworked extra working a scene with a bunch of pasty dudes. Here we go..

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